Goose Management for Lakeside Properties

goose management at lake property

Having a lake house or other lakeside property can be a fantastic place to rest and relax whenever you want to have a little time to get away. Unfortunately, humans are not the only species that like to call lakeside property home. Birds, especially geese, thrive in lake areas.

When a group of geese gets too large, they can potentially damage your lakeside property, meaning you need a plan for goose management. At Animal Remover, we understand how hard you work to maintain your properties. We have a few suggestions to help with your lakeside goose management.

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What Can Geese Do to Your Property?

Geese travel in large groups called gaggles. While it can be beautiful to watch a gaggle of geese fly across your picturesque lake view, they can do a lot of damage. The most common issue when it comes to people seeking out goose management is the goose droppings. The more geese there are in a gaggle, the more droppings there will be. These droppings are unpleasant to clean up and can get everywhere.

Another issue many people have with geese is the destruction of landscaping. Geese search for food on both land and water. This search for food can leave your landscaping in disarray and could cost a lot of money in repairs. Geese are also very noisy and can interrupt your search for rest and relaxation.

Steps to Deter Geese

Geese can be a nuisance, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated inhumanely. While eliminating entire flocks of geese has been a common method of goose management, the results are both inhumane and temporary. Luckily, there are many humane ways to handle goose management on your lakeside property by creating an environment that the geese do not like.  

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Don’t Feed Them

This may seem like common sense, but the easiest way to make your property less hospitable for geese is to stop feeding them. Providing food on a regular basis domesticates the birds and prevents them from seeking out new habitats.

Let the Lakeside Vegetation Grow

Geese like to nest in shorter vegetation around a lake or pond. By allowing the vegetation to grow taller and thicker, you make the environment more difficult for nesting. Geese also like shorter grass, so if you have a yard on your lakeside property you may want to consider letting the grass grow a little taller.

Get a Four-Legged Family Member

Animals are less likely to live in a place where they feel threatened or agitated. Canines, especially border collies, can be trained to constantly chase and agitate geese. This constant threatened state can make it less likely for geese to continue living near your lakeside property.

Goose Management from Animal Remover

If you are in need of professional goose management in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, Animal Remover can help. Our team is experienced in humane wildlife control and can handle a variety of situations, including goose management. For information and pricing, contact Animal Remover today!