Groundhog Information From Animal Remover

Animal Remover groundhog peeking from hole

Groundhogs are symbolic, and even considered cute to some. We have riddles about the infamous “woodchuck” and view them one of nature’s harmless entities. Their mysterious hiding and prophetic pop-ups are what most people remember them for, often causing them to overlook the damage groundhogs can cause to our property. At Animal Remover, we’ve gathered some basic information on these creatures so you can better understand what’s happening underground.

Groundhog Home Basics

Groundhogs dig elaborate underground dens with tunnels that can add up to 66 feet and have multiple entrances and chambers. They have a burrow for hibernation and then a separate “summer home”, where they can come and go more easily. Their nesting chamber is usually at the end of the main tunnel. They usually also have a designated chamber that they use as a toilet. Their intricate homes can be quite a nuisance when it comes to holes in your yard, but the pricier damage is often hidden underground.

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Destructive Diggers

These underground mazes are usually dug near a human structure, like a shed or a home. You wouldn’t think that a ‘cute’ little groundhog would have the ability to damage the solid concrete block that your home sits on, but unfortunately, they can be much more destructive than you can believe.

The constant digging rearranges the dirt around the foundation—dirt that the concrete was previously snugly nestled into. When that dirt is rearranged, it can expose parts of the foundation, which is meant to be covered and protected. Over a period of time, that exposure can allow water or other elements to come in and wear away at the foundation or cause cracks.

Call Animal Remover

The compromise of the foundation of a house is an expensive and highly problematic occurrence. Be proactive; inspect the area around your home or property for holes. If you see signs of burrowing, especially around your house, call Animal Remover.

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When burrowing goes unnoticed, or is ignored for too long, can cause problems so much larger than the initial presence of the groundhog. Calling in an experienced team from Animal Remover to tackle your groundhog is the wisest decision you can make. Our trained wildlife control professionals will locate the entrances to their underground den and handle your animal removal.

Don’t let a wandering woodchuck get too comfortable; let us evict him for you. The cost of your animal removal service will be nothing compared to the cost of foundation repair or the decreased value of your home. If you’re not sure whether or not you have a groundhog problem, an Animal Remover professional will come do an inspection of your property. Check out the Animal Remover website for more information on our services and to schedule an appointment for a free quote today.