Handling Animals in Chimneys: Animal Remover Advice

animal remover advice animals living in chimney

Chimneys are a common retreat for outside animals seeking solace. Many once-active fireplaces are blocked off and create a perfect place of solitude for a family of raccoons or squirrels. This becomes a dangerous situation for both the animals and the people who live in the home.

If you think you may have animals living in your fireplace, it’s not a situation to take lightly. Nuisance animals can cause significant damage to your home if not handled quickly and efficiently. These signs of an unwanted dweller mean you need to call Animal Remover for a quick and safe extraction.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds are the most obvious and telling sign of creatures in your chimney. As animals make themselves at home in your fireplace, they’ll eat, sleep, and build nests. The most common noises homeowners in these situations hear is scratching or knocking around from inside the chimney. If you think you hear noises coming from above your fireplace, turn off background noise and listen closely so you can be sure that is, in fact, where the noise is coming from. If you still hear it, and it’s definitely coming from your chimney, this is a sure sign that you need to call Animal Remover.

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As time passes and the chimney dwelling animals come and go, they’ll bring back smells from their adventures back out into the wild. Also, droppings will begin to accumulate, which will also bring about an unpleasant odor. This is another sure sign that you need Animal Remover.

If you don’t hear sounds, but you do recognize a stench coming from your fireplace, you should still consider calling Animal Remover. It’s not uncommon for animals to crawl into a chimney and get stuck and die of starvation. Animal Remover also offers dead animal removal.

Visible Traces

Eventually, visible evidence of animals living in your chimney may appear, from droppings and fur to pieces of nests that the intrusive inhabitants are indeed living in your chimney. By the time visible traces appear, the animal has probably been living there for a while. Contact animal removal services immediately.

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Safe Wildlife Control With Animal Remover

If you find wildlife living in your fireplace, call in the best professional animal removal service to handle it. Not only will Animal Remover safely handle your extraction, but it will also be done as humanely as possible. In addition to your animal removal, we offer chimney caps and prevention services, to protect you from running into this issue again. Check out the Animal Remover website today for more information on our services.

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