Importance of Honey Bees from a Honey Bee Removal Company

Honey Bee Removal Honey Bee on Flower

Finding a honey bee swarm on your property or within your house is not fun. These stinging insects can hurt your family, fur babies, and neighbors. Call for honey bee removal if these buzzing insects get too close to your loved ones or furry friends, or if they live on your property. Despite their annoying behavior when near humans, honey bees are a vital part of Earth’s ecosystems. The honey bee removal experts at Animal Remover explain the importance of honey bees in the natural landscape of our planet.


Honey bees pollinate more crops than any other insects on Earth. Pollination is how plants reproduce and grow fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Without honey bees, around one-third of American food crops would not be possible. These insects also play a role in pollinating cotton and flax for cloth, as well as clover and alfalfa for feeding livestock. Honey bees pollinate trees, and those trees create habitats for wild animals such as birds, raccoons, mammals, and other insects. The vital role of pollinator is one reason why Animal Remover uses humane resources for honey bee removal instead of the outright killing of swarms.

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Direct Food Source

Honey bees produce sweet and delicious honey when they convert flower nectar into honey. Some animals use honey as a food source. Humans have sweetened their drinks with honey for thousands of years, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Honey from local bees and flowers may also help people with seasonal allergies to plant pollen. Honey bee removal not only keeps your family safe, but it also provides a way to sweeten your coffee, tea, or smoothies.

Allergy Relief

Medical science continually refines how to treat allergies to bee stings. Around 5 to 7.5 percent of people are severely allergic to bee stings. Allergies are one main reason why you should have honey bees removed if you see a swarm on your property or in your house. Scientists and doctors can use honey bees to develop anti-venom therapies for people who suffer allergies to bee stings, which is just one more way honey bees are important to humans. Scientists also study the effects of consuming honey when people have allergies to plant pollen.

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Honey Bee Removal from Animal Remover

Honey bees are vitally important to Ohio’s economy and prosperity, especially for farmers growing our food. If you see a swarm on your property or a member of your family suffered a sting, reach out to the honey bee removal experts at Animal Remover. Contact us through our website or call us at (513) 324-9453.

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