How a Bat Valve Works for Bat Removal

Brown bat on a door

You have bats in your attic or basement. How do you get rid of them? You have a few options, such as a bat removal expert physically catching them and taking them away. One of the most effective bat removal methods uses a bat valve. Today’s blog from Animal Remover explains how a bat valve works for bat removal.

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Bat Valve Basics

A bat valve is a one-way door. Bats can fly out, but they can’t fly back in. Bat valves can look like tubes, tunnels, or narrow passageways that bats shimmy down until they are free and can fly away. They’re very skinny and unobtrusive since bats are tiny creatures.

Bat Valve Installation

The size of the bat valve has two advantages for bat removal. First, it’s easy to install quickly and efficiently. Second, the bat valve typically goes over the area where the bats entered your home in the first place. This can be over soffit, a corner, ridge vents, openings in bricks, and frieze boards. Openings may occur over time due to your structure’s age or because of construction or renovation. We can custom-fit a vat valve to the exit point.

We put a bat valve over the place they got into your home because that’s also the place where they exit. Our bat removal expert will install the bat valve over that particular opening for best results. Bats only use your home to take shelter during the day and to raise young. The animals have to leave some time to hunt for food, which is why a bat valve is very effective for bat removal.

You can see our video of a bat valve at work here:

Cover Other Openings

Bats probably came into your attic or basement through a single opening. However, we’ll need to close up any other openings that lead into the same room. Once all of the bats leave, we’ll come back and remove the bat valve and repair that final gap in your home.

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Contact a Bat Removal Expert 

Contact a bat removal expert if you see a bat in your home. You’ll want the bat removed as soon as possible because of the health hazards associated with these mammals. Contact Animal Remover online or call 513-324-WILD (9453) for more information. We have two offices, one in Cincinnati and one in Dayton.

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