How Maintaining Your Lawn Can Help With Animal Control

Man trimming his bushes to help with animal control

One thing that commonly provokes people to seek professional animal control services is when wildlife infests their yard. While some homeowners would love seeing a deer prance across their yard, most don’t, and even those who do only like it the first few go-rounds. When those animals begin damaging your home and landscaping, they won’t seem so cute anymore. One way to prevent animal infestation is to properly maintain your yard. There are several things that you can do to repel animals and in today’s blog post, Animal Remover will look at some of those methods.

Maintain A Well-Groomed Lawn

This may seem too easy to be true, but wild animals, especially herbivores, are drawn to yards with longer grass. This is true of deer looking for dinner or rabbits looking for a good place to nest, but it’s also true of smaller rodents, insects, and even snakes seeking refuge in taller grass. Something as simple as mowing your lawn and weed eating regularly can go a long way to keeping all sorts of animals out of your yard.

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Keeping a well-maintained yard also makes it easier to identify an animal infestation and will help you be diligent in keeping your yard animal-free and without a need for professional animal control.

Fence Off And Protect Your Garden

Another common thing that draws animals to your yard is a garden, specifically gardens of fruits and vegetables. Animals are constantly looking for food and will naturally be drawn to fruits and vegetables and even just plants with a more pronounced smell. An easy way to prevent this is to put fencing around your garden. That might seem like a hassle, but you can get portable, durable fencing for your garden fairly cheaply.

Aside from fencing, you can also plant certain plants that help to repel rodents and pests. Plants like mint, rosemary, and even daffodils work to repels certain rodents, insects, and in some cases, even deer. Lastly, you can use the right chemical deterrents that are both healthy for your garden and repellent to animals and insects.

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Keep Your Trees And Bushes Trimmed

One common characteristic of smaller animals is that they are always looking for places to take shelter and to nest. Keeping your trees and bushes trimmed will prevent animals from nesting in your yard, saving you the need for animal control professionals.

Animal Remover Can Help With Animal Control

Animal control is an extensive process that goes beyond just a few tips and tricks, especially if you live in an area with a great number of rodents, pests, and insects. If you want your animal control needs to be handled correctly, give Animal Remover a call. Contact us today at (513) 324-9453 or visit our website for more information.