How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away From Your Deck, Patio, or Pool

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Many animals are naturally drawn to bodies of water, including your pool. Not to mention, the space beneath your deck is a dark and safe area (perfect for breeding) with nearby access to food around your home.

So with nature working against you, how do you keep nuisance wildlife away from your deck, patio, and pool? The experts at Animal Remover have answers.

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Determine What Nuisance Wildlife Are In Your Area

First thing’s first: If you already have a nuisance wildlife problem, you’ll need to know what you’re dealing with to get rid of it effectively. The easiest way to do this is to call in the professionals. The experts at Animal Remover can help you identify what pest(s) you’re dealing with based on the evidence they leave behind. Once we have an answer for you, we can also recommend the proper solutions.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can scour your property for animal prints and scat to gather evidence and determine what animal(s) have been wreaking havoc on your home. You can also assess any damage the critters have left behind to get a good idea of their power and tenacity.

How to Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away

Depending on the animals you’re dealing with, you can choose the best strategies to make them leave your backyard space. In general, though, here are some of the best ways to deter them from coming back to your yard:

  • Sprinkle granular repellent around entrances and exits the pests use to get under your deck, near your pool, or into your backyard. You’ll want to do this at a time when they are not near your home. 
  • Cut back any overgrown landscaping near your deck, patio, or pool that wildlife may be using to hide or nest.
  • Use motion-activated repellants to deter animals from coming near your patio or deck. These can also be used to keep animals from entering your backyard if they are positioned near a known entry point.

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The Animal Remover Pros Can Help!

If you can’t seem to keep nuisance wildlife away from your backyard, the experts at Animal Remover can help you get rid of the pests and prevent future problems with unwelcome wildlife. Call (513) 324-WILD or contact us online to speak with a wildlife management professional today.

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