How to Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows During Their Migrations by Our Bird Removal Expert

Bird flying outside of a window

You’re at home on a cozy Saturday afternoon relaxing. Then you hear a dull “thunk” against your living room window. What was that? You look outside, and you see a dead bird on the ground. You look up and see a huge flock of birds flying south for the winter. 

How many more are going to hit your window this season? Animal Remover’s bird removal expert explains how to prevent birds from flying into your windows during their migrations.

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Why Birds Crash Into Windows in the First Place

Birds crash into your windows for three main reasons. During the day, they might see a reflection of a bush, shrub, or tree in the window and think it’s a safe place to land. At night, migrating birds see the lights of your window and go towards them. A bird could see its own reflection and start to attack it, especially when a bird is territorial during spring mating season.

How to Identify Potential Problem Windows

Our bird removal expert recommends taking a look at problem windows from the outside of your home. Walk around your building to identify potential trouble spots for birds. If you have bird feeders nearby, those could present problems if a bird sees its reflection in your window. Large picture windows that reflect a lot of vegetation are the biggest threat to birds flying by. Do you have one or two windows that birds hit in the past? Those are problems, too. Windows that are at right angles to each other present problems because the birds may fly into a corner.

How to Prevent Bird Collisions With Windows

Luckily, you have several options when it comes to preventing bird collisions with your windows. 

Screens. Ordinary window screens can prevent birds from flying into windows because they reduce the reflectivity of the glass. 

One-Way Transparent Film. Window film reduces the reflectivity of the glass. It also saves on your energy bills by reducing the amount of UV radiation that enters your home. One-way transparent film allows you to see out, but birds can’t see in.

Zen Curtains. Consider stringing narrow pieces of rope from one side of the window to the other to make it more visible to birds. Called zen curtains, these pieces of rope won’t cause a sticky residue on the glass.

Bird Tape. Bird tape is probably the cheapest method for preventing birds from hitting your windows. Our bird removal expert can show you how to install bird tape with the proper spacing on your windows so birds can see it.

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Bird Removal and Bird Netting by Animal Remover

For large-scale projects and commercial buildings, we recommend bird netting as an effective bird deterrent. Contact Animal Remover online or call 513-324-WILD (9453) for more details. We have two offices, one in Cincinnati and one in Dayton.