How to Remove the Odor From Squirrels in the Attic

Removed red squirrels in the attic on top of the roof eating

If you’ve had squirrels living in your attic, you no doubt understand the irritation that goes along with it. The scratching and scampering sounds in the middle of the night, the strange squeaks and chirps, and worst of all, the smell that lingers long after they’re gone.

What’s that smell?

Unfortunately, squirrels in the attic leave behind a foul odor that can linger for long periods of time well after they’re gone. That smell is nothing less than urine and feces-soaked insulation. The terrible smell that this creates can attract even more wild animals to your home, putting you at an even higher risk for nuisance animal problems in the future.

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Getting Rid of the Stink from Squirrels in the Attic

Banishing that awful odor from your home isn’t as difficult as you might think when you have a professional team of wildlife control specialists on your side. Although you may be tempted to clean up the mess yourself, we highly recommend you do not because animal droppings that are left behind can pose a serious threat to your health. In addition, our team of wildlife control professionals have the necessary equipment and disinfecting tools to get the job done right the first time, so you never have to deal with squirrels in the attic again.

Here at Animal Remover, we use a specially formulized deodorizer and disinfectant which contains an enzyme that eats away at bad odors, leaving nothing behind. Instead of just covering up the scent, like many other household cleaners, this professional-strength formula completely destroys odor on contact, leaving your home clean and fresh once more.

Additionally, this formula also destroys harmful bacteria found in animal droppings that have the potential to make you and/or your family very sick. Anything left behind by those squirrels in the attic will be completely eliminated.

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Squirrels in the Attic? Call Animal Remover Now

If you think you have squirrels in your attic, Animal Remover can help. Our professional team of wildlife control specialists provides fast, safe and reliable squirrel removal to rid your home of those pesky nuisance animals, while also following up with an extremely thorough cleaning and deodorizing process.

We won’t just do half the job – we do it all, with precision and quality assurance. You don’t need to put up with those squirrels in the attic for a minute longer. Contact Animal Remover today at 513-324-9453 to speak with team member and schedule your appointment for service.

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