The Most Humane Methods of Animal Removal

Opossum box trap for animal removal

At Animal Remover, we believe in the safe, humane handling of animals. This means that we only use products which we believe will benefit both human and animal while removing the creatures from your house, business, or property.

When you call for animal removal services, we will gather as much information as possible regarding your infestation or unwanted visitor. Depending on the type, size, and number of creatures on site, we will choose the most suitable equipment to clear out pests without harming them.

Animal Removal Methods

Bait and Traps

At Animal Remover, we use specific bait and traps to promote the humane catching of animals. Rather than implementing poisons or traps that will harm the creature being captured, we use specially designed weight-sensitive cages. Our bait is also chosen with the target critter in mind. This helps to deter other pests from being attracted to the scent. It only lures in the animal that has been giving you problems around your home or business.

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Bird Spikes

We also use bird spikes as another method for animal removal. These tools come in plastic or metal and look like little spikes protruding from the surfaces of roofs or even billboards. The spikes are not sharp on top, as they are not designed to hurt the animals. Rather, they steer them away from perching and nesting in a particular area.

For bird removal, another product we use is bird netting. Again, this netting is completely humane and does not harm the birds in any way. Instead, it keeps them from flying into open areas where windows and doors are not being used. Church steeples, warehouses, and horse stables are a few examples of where these nets could be useful.

Bat Excluders

Bats can be difficult pests to pinpoint, as they don’t make themselves known during the day. However, they are still nuisances to be sure. When it comes to animal removal, we regularly receive calls about bats.

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These nocturnal creatures take up residence in attics, leaving droppings and causing damage as they come in and out. To humanely manage these creatures, Animal Remover uses bat excluders. This allows the bats to leave the attic when it is time to fly out to collect food, but it disables them from returning to roost.  

At Animal Remover, we specialize in humane animal removal and want to help you with your pest problems.  For more information on our humane methods of animal removal, contact Animal Remover today or continue to browse our website.