Identify the Hive Before Contacting Swarm Capture Services


Having insects make nests in your building is not only annoying, but it can also cause significant damage to your home or business. Honey bees are no different. While bees typically won’t attack humans unless provoked, the hive can damage the walls, roof, and other support structures in a building. Before you can remove the hive, however, you’ll need swarm capture services. The swarm capture and honey bee removal experts at Animal Remover have some tips to help you identify if you have a honey bee hive in your home or business.

Know the Signs

There are a few telltale signs that indicate the presence of a honey bee hive in your home or business. The first sign is a consistent buzzing coming from a specific area of your house. The buzzing sound will become louder and more consistent in the spring and summer months, as that is when honey bees begin to swarm. Another obvious sign of a hive in your home is if you notice bees flying around your house on several occasions. A final indication of a hive is the appearance of honey on either the interior or exterior of the walls.

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Find it Early

The best way to reduce the possibility of a honey bee swarm damaging your home or business is catching the hive early in its development. Do regular checks of the exterior of your home, paying attention to the roof line and other areas where insects may build a nest or hive. During the spring and summer months, the swarm capture specialists at Animal Remover recommend completing these checks about once a week to make sure you catch the development early. Our swarm capture experts also recommend checking in the attic once a month or so to make sure no honey bee hive is tucked in a corner of the highest level of your house or business.

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Trust the Swarm Capture Experts

If you are fairly sure that there is a hive of honey bees in your home or business, don’t try to handle the bee removal yourself! The swarm capture experts at Animal Remover have the training and experience necessary to humanely handle the capture and relocation of the bees with minimal casualties. The Animal Remover team can also handle the hive cleanup! For more information on our wildlife management services and to schedule a consultation with our honey bee removal specialists, contact Animal Remover today.