Identifying 5 Common Ohio Bats for Bat Removal


There are more than 1,200 different bat species all over the world. At least 13 species of bats call Ohio home. The bats that reside in Ohio are harmless and only eat insects. They can become a hassle if they begin to live in your house, requiring you to hire a bat removal service. Animal Remover, an expert in bat removal services, has created a list of five of the most common bats found in Ohio to give you a little bit of information and help you identify your potential bat problem.

Little Brown Bat

The Little Brown bat is quite possibly the most abundant bat species in Ohio. They can most commonly be found searching for insects to eat around lakes and ponds. Colonies of these bats may be found in hot attics or cabins until the winter when they typically migrate to the caves in southern Ohio

Little Brown bats have an average wingspan of 10 inches. Their fur, which can be inferred by their name, is dark brown with hints of gray or dark red. Female Little Brown bats are usually larger than the males, and the average weight for these creatures is around half an ounce.

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Big Brown Bat

Big Brown bats are another very common bat species in Ohio. They like to roost in attics, shutters, and trees. During the winter, they hibernate in attics and walls of buildings. The female Big Brown bats live in colonies ranging from 20 to over 400 bats. The males travel in much smaller colonies, with only about five bats per group.

Big Brown bats have a wingspan that averages around 12 inches. They have similar colors to the Little Brown bat, but are bigger and have more fur around their noses.

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Eastern Red Bat

The Eastern Red bat has a 12-inch wingspan. The males of this species are bright red, while the females are more of a red-brown or chestnut color. These bats also have white markings on their shoulders.

Eastern Red bats are typically solitary creatures that reside in trees. Their unique markings allow them to easily camouflage as they roost in tree branches. Eastern Red bats are rarely found in homes.

Northern Long-Eared Bat

Northern Long-Eared bats are a threatened species, according to the Endangered Species Act. They have a wingspan around 9 or 10 inches, and their fur can be light or dark brown. The most distinguishing feature of the Northern Long-Eared bat, especially from the similarly sized Little Brown bat, is their noticeably large ears.

Northern Long-Eared bats are also fairly solitary creatures, preferring to roost in hollow trees. They are rarely found in buildings like sheds and barns.

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Tri-Colored Bat

The Tri-Colored bat is one of the smallest species of bats found in the United States. They can vary in color, ranging from yellow-brown to red-brown. These little bats roost primarily in trees and are very rarely found in buildings and houses.

Bat Removal From Animal Remover

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