Insurance May Cover Wildlife Management, Damage Repairs

Racoon damaging electrical wiring

Besides the general nuisance wild animals present, they can cause a lot of damage that could be expensive to clean up and repair. Wildlife management services and repairing damage caused to your home may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Businesses’ or churches’ commercial insurance policies may also cover these services. The Animal Remover, LLC wildlife management team has experience working with insurance companies to get customers the insurance reimbursements they pay for and deserve. Today’s blog goes into some of the ways they can help.

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It’s All About the Wording

Many insurance companies have a clause in their policies stating something to the effect of not insuring for losses caused by rodents, vermin, domestic animals, or insects. Since bats, raccoons, and skunks are not birds, vermin, rodents, insects, we are able to get customers coverage for loss when dealing with these specific wildlife control issues.

Even if your insurance policy spells out exempting specific damage caused by certain animals, all insurance policies are different, and you may still have coverage in that instance when dealing with wildlife management issues involving those animals.

Coverage for Damages vs. Wildlife Management Services

If you do have coverage for loss due to animal damage, your insurance company may only insure you for loss caused by the animals, such as damage to attic insulation, a hole chewed in the roof, damage to crawl space insulation, damage to wooden, vinyl, or aluminum siding, damage to gutters, damage to soffits, etc. They may not insure you for the actual cost of the wildlife management service, such as trapping the raccoons from the attic, or trapping the skunks living in the crawl space. Fortunately, though, the removal cost of the animals is usually minimal compared to the cost of damage repair.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

Some insurance companies may have never dealt with a wildlife damage and management claim, so they may automatically assume that they do not provide coverage. You should usually call the corporate office to check about these types of claims instead of your agent. If you are told that you do not have coverage, your insurance company must send you a letter of denial sighting specifically within the policy where it says that you do not have coverage. It’s critical that you confirm coverage before you file a claim with your insurance company.

Insurance Claim Options

The origin of the damage must be determined. Sometimes you will have coverage from other parts of your insurance policy to handle repairs. For example, if a tree fell and put a hole in your roof, followed by squirrels invading your attic and caused damage, you may be covered due to weather damage. Contact your insurance company as soon as you discover the damage. You’ll want to address the damage before any more happens and deal with the animals causing the problem as soon as possible. That’s why you should call your insurance company and Animal Remover so that we remove the animals and stop any more damage from occurring.

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Contact Animal Remover to Learn More About Your Insurance Claim Options

We provide full wildlife management and damage repair services. We can remove the animals that are causing the damage and repair those damaged areas. We are familiar with how insurance companies operate and the coverage they provide. If you need help negotiating with your insurance company about coverage, please contact us today.