Is Poison Effective for Squirrel Removal?

Wildlife services needed for squirrel removal

Many people don’t think of squirrels as nuisance animals, but in fact, they can cause severe damage to your property when they are left to nest and feed at will. A squirrel will rarely ever invade your home on its own. There are almost always several others, making the problem an even bigger one.

So what choices does a homeowner have for squirrel removal? Many people may suggest poisoning the squirrels that are on your property, but here at Animal Remover, our wildlife control specialists highly recommend not following that advice.

Why Not Poison for Squirrel Removal?

There are many reasons why poison is neither effective nor humane way to rid your property of nuisance squirrels. Here are the three main reasons we suggest NOT using poison.

  • Poisoning the squirrels on your property is inhumane. Sure, no one wants squirrels chewing holes in their soffit or destroying their garden, but here at Animal Remover, we believe in treating all living creatures with respect, regardless of the situation. When a squirrel is poisoned, it will most likely suffer a long and painful death. There are much less painful methods of squirrel removal methods we can employ to effectively rid your home of squirrels.

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  • Squirrel poison also poses a danger for children and furry family members. If your children and fur babies play outside, they are in constant danger of accidentally ingesting the poison you’ve put out for the squirrels. Nothing is worth risking the health of your little ones or four-legged family members, so we highly recommend not poisoning your property in the hopes of getting rid of one or two squirrels.
  • Poison doesn’t solve the problem. Sure, you may get rid of one or a few squirrels, but there will still be many more. Once squirrels discover that your home is a safe place to raise their young, it will take more than a little poison to keep them away. Effective squirrel removal methods get rid of these nuisance animals while also preventing them from coming back.


  • The carcass will be left somewhere inside your walls or attic. If you do use poison to kill squirrels on your property, they will most likely crawl into your walls or into your attic to die. This means you will be left to deal with the carcasses. Not only is the smell unpleasant, but there are also many health hazards and diseases that can be spread from the carcasses to the humans living in your home.

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Animal Remover Provides Effective and Humane Squirrel Removal Solutions

At Animal Remover, our wildlife control specialists utilize several different methods of squirrel removal to rid your home and property of the nuisance animals. Through trapping, habitat modification, exclusion and one-way doors, our specialists can rid your home of squirrels for good, without the inhumane use of poison.

If you have a squirrel problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to provide more information about our squirrel removal services and schedule an appointment to come out to your property. Don’t delay, call today!