Keep Squirrels Out of Your Birdhouse and Birdfeeder or Get Squirrel Removal

A Squirrel in the Birdhouse Might Not Merit Squirrel Removal

If you are a bird watcher and lover, then you probably have bird feeders and bird houses sprinkled across your lawn. Nothing adds beauty to a lazy day like watching beautiful birds nest in the houses you built for them or stop by your feeder for tasty treats. Although also cute to some people, squirrels can eat all of the food from your bird feeders or make a birdhouse their own home. Rather than waiting until this happens and needing squirrel removal services, you can be proactive and deter squirrels from these bothersome habits. Take a look at these strategies for keeping squirrels away before you contact a professional for squirrel removal.

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Squirrel-Proof Your Bird Feeder

A tasty treat for a bird just happens to be a delicious snack for a squirrel as well. You should reserve squirrel removal as last resort when you see a squirrel getting into your bird feeder. You can try the following things to keep them away.

  • Hang your bird feeder far away from trees. Run a line of string from one tree to another and hang the bird feeder equal distance from the two trees. A squirrel will find it very difficult to stay on a wobbly string.
  • Try making your poles difficult for squirrels to climb. If you choose not to use a line of string and to stick with a traditional pole, you can grease the pole. Squirrels will have a difficult time not slipping back down to the ground.
  • Add a squirrel baffle or tubing to the pole. A squirrel baffle is large conical or circular piece of plastic or metal that you can place on your pole. Squirrels have a difficult time finding their way around the baffle and to your feeder. Adding plastic piping will make it difficult for the squirrel to hold on and continue to climb.

Squirrel-Proof Your Birdhouse

Squirrels may not kill birds or hurt birds intentionally, but a squirrel will gnaw his way into a birdhouse if you let it. These larger holes make it easier for larger, predatory birds to get into the birdhouse and kill those birds you love to watch from your window. You might not want to pay for squirrel removal just because they mess with your birdhouse, so we’ve come up with a few other ways to help you keep squirrels away.

  • Add a metal ring around the entrance. A squirrel will not be able to chew through the metal, and this will discourage them or even make it incapable for them to stay in your birdhouse.
  • Extend the birdhouse roof four or five extra inches. Squirrels find it easiest to climb from the roof down to the entrance of the house. If your birdhouse roof hangs a few inches past the entrance, squirrels will have a difficult time getting down from the roof and into the house.

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Choose Animal Remover for Squirrel Removal

If any squirrels bypass your birdhouses and decide to nest in your attic, then you need professional squirrel removal. The experienced and dedicated team at Animal Remover can help you not only get squirrels out but also keep them away from your attic. Contact Animal Remover today to get these nuisance animals away.