Let a Humane Wildlife Control Service Repair Damage to Your Insulation

Man with wildlife control services replacing attic insulation

During these cold winter months, the insulation in our homes is part of what keeps us warm each and every day. However, if our home has become invaded with nuisance animals such as rats, birds, or mice, the insulation can be damaged, racking up your electricity bill, causing you to spend money on repairs, and creating a potentially hazardous environment. If you are concerned about wildlife animals entering your home, contact our wildlife control staff members at Animal Remover. We are here to help.

Potential Insulation Concerns

There are a couple of ways these little critters can create significant damages to your insulation. One of the most obvious ways includes chewing, scratching, and tearing up the insulation. If your insulation has been torn, your home is not properly storing and/or keeping out hot and cold air. Not only will it cause your home to either be too hot or too cold, it can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket.

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A less obvious way that nuisance animals cause damage to insulation is through contamination. Whether it is from a rat, mouse, bird, or bat, animal feces and urine can be deposited onto the insulation. If this happens, it will contaminate your insulation and get into the air ducts of your home, contaminating the air. This contaminated air can cause you or a loved one to develop very dangerous health issues such as asthma.

How to Prevent Wildlife from Entering the Home

Once an animal has entered your home, it is likely that they will attempt to come back to raise their young. There are several ways to prevent these critters from entering your home again. You will want to make sure to contact professional wildlife control services like Animal Remover to assist you with effective preventive repairs. Some of the preventive measures we offer at our wildlife control firm include installing:

  • Chimney Caps
  • Bird Spikes
  • Heavy Gauge Soffit Corners
  • Coi Netting
  • Roof Vent Guards
  • Bathroom Vent Guards
  • Dryer Vent Guards

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Wildlife Control and Insulation Repair With Animal Remover

If the insulation has already been damaged by critters in your home, our wildlife control team at Animal Remover can not only remove the damaged insulation, we can also repair and replace your insulation. We offer you a wide range of services to meet all of your wildlife control needs. Contact Animal Remover today! We can be reached anytime and are available to provide you with quick, emergency services.