Our Bird Removal Expert Explains How Bird Netting Works

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Bird netting is designed to keep birds off of your property. It’s a great wildlife control tool that keeps birds away from nesting sites on buildings and food sources in gardens or fisheries. The bird removal experts at Animal Remover explain how bird netting works to protect your property. 

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Bird netting for bird removal should be made of a flexible material that prevents injuries to birds. High-quality bird netting contains high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is lightweight, yet soft and durable. Most importantly, HDPE is tangle-free. Tangle-free netting keeps birds alive, and it lets them fly away without hurting them.


When using bird netting for bird removal, it must be strong enough to repel birds yet flexible enough that it won’t snap or break away from its anchors. Proper installation is the main reason why bird netting isn’t a DIY job. We must determine how far away bird netting can sit from equipment, condensers, air conditioning, windows, and doors. There are also considerations for superstructures of buildings, such as antennas, power lines, and flagpoles. Bird netting must be properly installed to ensure the efficacy of the netting and the safety of your property.


Bird netting as a bird removal option lasts about 10 years with normal use, and sometimes longer, depending on the type of netting. Once we install this bird deterrent on your property, it should work for many years to come without any maintenance. Bird netting resists UV rays, rain, wind, hail, and snow. It truly is a long-term solution that protects your building, crops, and the birds themselves.

Bird Behavior Around Bird Netting

When you look at bird netting, you may see the animals explore it a bit. Birds land on the netting all the time. Because the netting moves with the wind and many parts of it are aligned with vertical elements of a building, birds can’t nest on it or perch on it for very long. Any birds that do land on the netting fly off within a minute. Because birds are very intelligent, they don’t come back once they recognize that this bird removal product won’t let them in.

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Bird Removal & Bird Netting From Animal Remover

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