Our Nuisance Wildlife Management Expert Highlights Grilling Tips to Avoid Attracting Unwanted Animals

Opossum in a yard chewing on a pumpkin

So you can’t wait to use your grill, but the wildlife around your patio can’t wait either. While you’re planning your next steak seasoning blend, they’re planning how to stage a siege on your meats. How can you get the maximum use out of your grill this summer without having it invaded by an army of critters? Animal Remover explains in today’s nuisance wildlife management blog.

Keep It Clean

Step one, keep your grill clean. After every use, get all the grease and residue off of the grill and any surrounding surfaces. The nuisance wildlife knows about your grill and your barbecue hub because of the smells left over from your last outdoor cooking venture. While it may be a chore to scrub the leftovers from your grill, it’s the first step in keeping unwanted visitors away from your home and grill. After all, creeping around steak night is the first step. After that, you may find crawling critters in your vents or garage, and no one wants that. 

Cover It

Second, invest in a solid cover. Even with the grill as clean as you can get it, there will be lingering smells that animals can pick out a mile away. Leaving your grill exposed is just asking for unwanted attention and potential damage done by curious wildlife. While it may seem pricey at first, a quality cover will not only deter nuisance wildlife, but protect your grill from the elements and prolong its lifespan in your yard. 


Consider storing your grill inside during the off season. If your home has room in the garage or inside a storage room, it may be worth your while to haul the grill inside. During the winter, animals seek out shelter in any warm area they can find. This can include under your grill hood or in another unfavorable nook. The last thing you want come springtime is to find your grill has become the vacation home for a family of critters. If it isn’t possible to bring your grill inside, do your best to guard any openings or places for animals to burrow or nest. 

Animal Remover Is Here to Help!

With all of this considered, you should be able to enjoy your grilling season without any unwanted guests. This means more hot dogs for you and your guests, and less for the squirrels who find themselves a little curious. If you follow these tips and still have a little extra trouble, contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453, and we’ll make sure it gets taken care of. 

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