Our Squirrel Removal Expert Answers: What Nuts Do Squirrels Eat?

Squirrel eating a nut in the woods

Squirrels love nuts. These common rodents munch on nuts of all kinds for their food sources. And why not? Nuts come in a convenient package, are easy to carry, and store easily in the ground. Today’s blog from Animal Remover’s squirrel removal expert highlights the nuts that squirrels eat.

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Oak trees are abundant in North America, and they provide squirrels with plenty of food. Squirrels find their nuts using their sense of smell, but they won’t just pick up any old acorns. These intelligent rodents can tell the difference between a good nut and a bad nut because of its weight. A hollowed-out acorn that’s already been eaten by bugs or weevils won’t have any of the good stuff inside, so the squirrel tosses it aside. Our squirrel removal expert recommends raking up the acorns from your yard to prevent squirrels from making a home on your property.


Hazelnuts represent another great food for squirrels. They’ll happily gather hazelnuts in the fall after they drop from trees. Squirrels don’t carry these nuts into their dens. Instead, they bury them in the ground and come back to the stashes at some point in the winter.


Another popular choice for squirrels comes from walnuts. They’re packed with nutrients, and they’re easy to handle. Black walnuts are a bit bigger and come with a hard, green outer shell. It’s the regular walnuts, like the ones you see in the store, that squirrels go ga-ga over.

Nutty Behavior

Squirrels may bury their nuts by type. For example, they’ll bury all of the acorns together, walnuts together, and hazelnuts together. Not every squirrel does this. But think of the reasoning why squirrels need to bury a bunch of nuts together. It makes them easier to find in the winter. One lone nut doesn’t give off much of a smell. Several nuts buried in the same pile allows the squirrel to find them based on smell rather than memory or sight. Our animal removal expert recommends you keep an eye out for squirrels digging in the ground in the fall as they bury their nuts.

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Got Squirrels? We’re Squirrel Removal Experts!

Squirrels like to find cozy, warm places to sleep for the winter. They might crawl into your attic or chimney where they’re protected from the wind and snow. Contact Animal Remover or call 513-324-WILD (9453) for more information.

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