Plants to Use as Part of Wildlife Control Services

Wildlife Control Services with Plants

You have many options when it comes to controlling animals and wildlife on your property. Physical barriers, such as fences and walls, keep some animals out. Cutting back brush and trees may keep birds and insects at bay. One way to keep wildlife away from your property is to grow certain plants in strategic places as part of comprehensive wildlife control services. Animal Remover discusses a botanical solution to your wildlife problems, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

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Daffodils do double-duty when it comes to wildlife control services. Squirrels find daffodils poisonous, so these rodents stay away from them. Encircle your favorite trees with daffodils to keep squirrels from approaching them. Deer also avoid daffodils because the leaves have a bitter taste. Unfortunately, deer are much larger than squirrels. Deer also avoid sunflowers, so consider planting rows of sunflowers around the edge of your property to keep out deer.


Because of their size, deer present more significant problems for your property. Tall, thick hedges keep deer out, much in the same way a wall, fence, or artificial hedge screening works. Consider hedge plants that have thorns. Or, mix rose bushes in with hedges to combine a thick barrier with a prickly one as part of an overall wildlife control services plan.

Thorny Plants

Raccoons and squirrels avoid plants with thorns because both species have sensitive feet and need their feet healthy to climb trees. Squash and oriental poppies — Papaver orientale — have prickly thorns on their leaves, and they’re easy to take care of. Plant either squash or oriental poppies near trees or a formal garden to keep out these pests as part of your wildlife control services strategy.

Smelly and Aromatic Plants

Strong smells repel several wild animals, and many plants fit the bill. Crown imperial — Fritillaria imperialis — blooms in the spring, and its musky odor repels squirrels, skunks, and deer. Aromatic annual herbs, including mint, lavender, and catnip, repel mice and small rodents. Add some sage, dill, oregano, and rosemary to the mix to keep out deer and rabbits. Garlic and onions are bulb plants that grow quickly and abundantly. They repel squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and moles from your yard. These plants create fresh food for your family while implementing a natural barrier for wildlife control services.


Marigolds have bright and colorful blooms. Their strong odor repels mice and other rodents from your property. Consider planting marigolds to keep out moles and mice. Marigolds come in many sizes and colors. They create a beautiful landscape around the edge of your property with regards to wildlife control services. Marigolds usually bloom in summer or early fall, depending on the species.

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