Prepare for Squirrel Removal This Spring

Squirrel damage

You may not have discovered that squirrels had invaded your home and raised their young until they had vacated the premises this fall. If that’s the case, and you’ve not already repaired the damage and cut off their access points, you need to get that done before they return for the spring mating season. Animal Remover details what you can do to prevent the squirrels’ return and what can be done if they’ve already come back.

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Squirrel Damage Repair Services

Squirrels love to raise their young in attics. They may gain access through holes created by rain or wind damage or they may chew their way in. Animal Remover can help address those problems with their animal damage repair service. We will also perform other work to prevent animals from compromising the home in other ways.

Squirrel Damage Prevention

A preventative repair is repairing an area that is not a problem currently but could become a problem in the future. We make these repairs because after you’ve invested money into trapping the animals and keeping them out, we realize that you don’t want another animal problem in the future.

A few examples of preventative repairs to keep squirrels out are installing a heavy gauge soffit corner repair to prevent squirrel entry and installing a roof vent guard to keep squirrels from chewing through the vent.

When we perform an animal inspection on your property, we will give you an Animal Intrusion Worksheet which will describe the problem areas of your home. We also recommend doing preventative items wherever they are needed. If you suspect you may have a hole in your home that may provide a squirrel access point, we can close it off.

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Contact Animal Remover for Squirrel Removal and Exclusion

If you weren’t fast enough in making repairs to prevent the squirrels from coming back, Animal Remover can remove them for you. We do trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion. If you are in need of a professional wildlife control service, Animal Remover can be the solution to your problem. We have efficient, humane methods for squirrel removal and deterrents in Cincinnati, Northern KY, Hamilton, Oxford & Dayton. Contact Animal Remover today to schedule a consultation.

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