Prevent the Need for Squirrel Removal With Squirrel Houses

A Squirrel House to Avoid Squirrel Removal

Squirrels nest in trees, chimneys, attics, and any place they can find protection from predators and the elements. Did you know, however, that squirrels will also inhabit birdhouses and eat from bird feeders? They are tricky, smart animals, and sometimes playing on their side will help you keep your house safe from the havoc they can bring. Squirrel houses offer a great alternative for squirrels looking to invade your home this winter. Building the right squirrel house can reduce the likelihood you will need squirrel removal in the future.

Different Types of Squirrel Houses

Not all that different from birdhouses, squirrel houses are made from wood and give squirrels an alternative space to live. Anyone can build a squirrel house. For generations, many families have used the building of birdhouses as a way for fathers to bond with their children. Why not protect your home from a nuisance animal while also bonding with your child by working on one of these different types of squirrel houses?

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Squirrel Den

Before squirrel removal becomes a necessity, squirrels nest in your home. Before it becomes a necessity for squirrels to nest in your home, they must need a place to live. Providing squirrels with dens to inhabit incentivizes them to stay away from your home. Squirrel dens look as natural as trees. Build rectangular boxes from a sturdy hardwood with at least a three-inch hole on the side nearest the tree. A home roughly 16 inches high and 6 inches wide and deep make for the perfect size for most squirrels.  

Nesting Houses

These squirrel houses are more than simple deterrents to prevent the need of squirrel removal in the future. If you love wildlife and squirrels, then this is more the project for you. Mother squirrels need a bit more room and protection when caring for their young. The litter won’t climb trees and play on branches for some time, so nesting houses should be bigger and more protected than dens.  Build these facing south and out of the path of heavy winds.

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Incorporate Feeders

A great addition to nesting houses, feeders allow mothers the opportunity to feed their young without straying too far from home. They can stand guard and protect their young with food right by their side.

Squirrel Removal with Animal Remover

We are a wildlife control company that cares about animals. We provide squirrel removal but do not hurt the furry guys. You might find them cute, but squirrels can wreak havoc in your attic and on your wiring. If you have squirrels in your home, do not hesitate to call Animal Remover for squirrel removal. We will not harm your unwanted guests. Contact Animal Remover today for more information on your specific wildlife control problem.