Raccoon Removal: Facts You Should Know About Raccoons

Raccoon removal needed for raccoon in the grass

Raccoons are fascinating creatures and I personally think they’re adorable. Resembling a mix between a cat, canine, and a baby bear with markings on their face that looks like a masked bandit, they have developed a reputation as a menace. This perception could be partially due to pop culture’s frequent depiction of them as bandits, especially in cartoons and kids movies. Without a doubt, they are notorious for raiding people’s homes and trash. This alone probably warrants the reason they’ve developed such a bad wrap.

Raccoons: Naughty or Nice?

Although there are countless videos on the internet where people who have raised raccoons from babies depict them as the perfect house animals engaging in playful, friendly behavior, there are also horror stories of raccoons displaying savage behavior. I’ll never be able to forget the story a former coworker told me about raccoons breaking into her Dad’s chicken coop and attacking them. The account was gruesome. I’ll spare you the details. One thing is for certain, they are definitely mischief makers with a lot of curiosity.

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Fun & Not So Fun Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons have a reputation for invading people’s attics and homes. Once inside a house, they can do considerable amounts of damage from going through and destroying everything in your kitchen cabinets, scattering trash to ripping through wires and tearing up the insulation in your attic. Because their hands are very similar to human hands in that they have opposable thumbs, they can pull off a number of acrobatic feats. They also scored high on the mammal IQ tests and are supposedly more intelligent than cats. This combination makes them prime candidates to break into your home.

Why Raccoons In Your Home Is Dangerous

If a family of raccoons takes up residence in your attic it can pose a number of dangers. For one, raccoons have the ability to chew through wires in your attic and actually cause house fires. If they are there for any length of time they will defecate and urinate, putting you at a potential health hazard of catching a number of transmittable diseases from roundworms to rabies. Oftentimes, mother raccoons will break into an attic looking for a place to give birth and nurse their babies. Fortunately, there are trained professionals out there that specialize in raccoon removal.

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Importance Of Hiring A Professional Raccoon Removal Service

Animal Remover is a local wildlife control and nuisance protection agency that provides safe and humane animal removal services. Raccoon removal can be very dangerous to attempt on your own as they are known to savagely attack if they feel threatened. It is certainly best to hire a professional raccoon removal expert than to try to do it on your own.

If you ever wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of these furry bandits breaking into your home, don’t hesitate to call Animal Remover. We are open around the clock and can take care of all your raccoon removal needs. Not only do we offer raccoon removal service, but we will also clean up the mess the raccoons leave behind so that you aren’t at risk for any health hazards. Contact us today!