What do You Do for Raccoon Removal From a Roof?

raccoon removal raccoon on roof

Imagine coming home from work or a nice dinner with friends and seeing something scurrying across the top of your roof. It was too big to be a bird or a squirrel, you think, and then you realize: you have a raccoon on your roof. Now you have to figure out a plan for raccoon removal.

Raccoons are a nuisance animal that you definitely don’t want in or around your house. Raccoons can cause a lot of damage, especially if they get into your attic or garage. If you have a raccoon on your roof, there’s a chance that they were trying to get into the attic or chimney. While there are ways to handle raccoon removal on your own, you should really leave it to the experts. At Animal Remover, we don’t want you risking injury to get a raccoon off of your roof, but we do have a few tips to keep the raccoon contained until the raccoon removal specialists arrive.

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Getting a Raccoon off Your Roof

If you have noticed a raccoon on your roof, there are typically a few causes to this situation. You either have a family of raccoons living in your attic or chimney, or the raccoon is using your roof as a road to their next food hunting ground. To scare off a raccoon on your roof, you can use a radio with loud volume to make the raccoon go away. There are traps that you can set on your roof as well, but setting them up improperly can cause the raccoon to damage the shingles on your roof.

If the raccoon sticks around on your roof for a while, even if it’s not spooked, it probably has a home somewhere near your roof. You can check your attic for evidence of a raccoon family living in there, but please take proper precautions to reduce your risk of danger during the raccoon removal. If you don’t want to venture up into the attic by yourself, you can call a professional raccoon removal service.

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Raccoon Removal from Animal Remover

Raccoon removal is a service that is best left to the professionals. If you have found evidence of a raccoon on your roof or in your attic, contact wildlife control experts. In the Cincinnati area, Animal Remover is a great choice. Our team has years of experience handling humane wildlife control. We can help you with your raccoon removal needs. Contact Animal Remover today!