Raccoon Removal: What Animals Can Live Under a House?

Racoon Removal Under House Animal Remover

Your home is cozy and comfortable. It protects you from the heat and cold of the outdoors, allows you to relax, cook food, watch your favorite movies, and enjoy life. 

Unfortunately, wild animals recognize that your house could protect them too. They may use your home for shelter from harsh weather or predator animals. Under your home may be the perfect place to raise young every spring and summer. Today’s blog from Animal Remover, your raccoon removal experts, highlights what animals can live under a house.

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1. Raccoons

Raccoons are very intelligent creatures that eat almost anything, can climb trees, and solve problems when searching for food and shelter. Raccoons may squeeze into small spaces, such as holes, to find shelter. One of the signs you need raccoon removal is that you hear scratching noises underneath your home. Baby raccoons may make small squeaking noises to call out to their mother, but you must have really good ears to hear that.

2. Opossums

Opossums are a lot like raccoons. They love warm, dark spaces to live. Opossums are also nocturnal. You might hear scratching noises when dealing with opossums living under your house. Young opossums are completely dependent on their mothers during the first few weeks of life, and they cling to their mother’s pouch like other marsupials, so you may not hear any squeaking noises at all. Animal Remover would set traps to catch opossums as we would for raccoon removal.

3. Rodents

Rodents include mice and rats. Rodents are a much tougher problem to solve compared to opossum or raccoon removal simply because mice and rats are smaller. You won’t hear any noises coming from under your house. Instead, look for nesting materials clumped together. Rodents may tear up insulation or duct coverings to make a nest. Search for damage to your crawlspace insulation or rips in your duct coverings for signs of rodent intrusions. Another problem with rodents is that they multiply quickly. That’s why you need to spot rodents living under your house as soon as possible.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits are a lot like rodents in that they multiply quickly. They’re mostly nocturnal, and you might hear scratching noises coming from the den. Rabbits live in underground burrows, which is why they might be drawn to your crawlspace. The surest sign of a rabbit living under your home is a trail of droppings. Trapping, like raccoon removal, is an excellent way to handle rabbits. 

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Animals Under Your House? Animal Remover Is Here

Do you need rodent, opossum, or raccoon removal? Animal Remover is here and ready to help you. Our wildlife control experts humanely trap and remove any wild animals that might nest under your home. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 for more details.