Raccoons Can Hurt Your Pets If You Don’t Get Raccoon Removal


Raccoon Removal: Keeping Raccoons from Hurting Your Pets

Raccoons are intelligent and sly creatures that live in just about every area of the United States. You can’t avoid them in densely populated urban areas or in rural, woodsy areas. These animals know how to survive, and they do that by getting what they want through their intelligence and aggression. Raccoon removal services are the best way of keeping raccoons off of your property. Although the primary reason for raccoon removal is to keep them from rummaging through your trash and ruining your roof, you also need to protect your pets from these aggressive animals.

Why Would Raccoons Attack Your Pets?

Almost everything raccoons do, they do for food. They will attack your pets because they are hungry and want to get to their food. If you feed your pets outside, then there is a strong chance that raccoons will not be far off. Depending on the size of your pets, the mentality of the raccoon, and the health of the raccoon, you may find some serious fights on your hands. Aside from raccoon removal, you can reduce encounters by keeping or, at least feeding, pets indoors.

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Most healthy raccoons will flee from a larger animal and are not interested in killing cats. If you have an excitable canine, however, you may find your pet chasing the raccoon. This can result in a dangerous fight, especially if your furry friend is on the smaller side. Raccoons often carry rabies, and these sick animals are more likely to be aggressive. They may and pick fights with both canines and cats. Raccoons have been known to eat small animals, so it is best to keep small kittens indoors. A large, hungry raccoon might try to kill a kitten.

How To Separate a Raccoon & Pet Fighting

When your pet chases a raccoon or gets attacked by a raccoon, the ensuing fight can be a bit frightening. Nothing prevents raccoon fights like raccoon removal, but once the fight already begins, there are a few ways for you to help protect your furry friend without putting yourself in too much danger. Try to separate the raccoon from your pet, not the other way around. This is important; otherwise, you might hinder your animal’s ability to protect itself. Use a 2×4 or a large rake or broom to push the raccoon away from your pet. You can also try using an air horn. The noise will stun both animals and distract them, then you can get your four-legged family member away from the raccoon.

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Get Raccoon Removal with Animal Remover

Raccoon removal will solve all of your raccoon problems. You shouldn’t try to remove raccoons by yourself because they can carry deadly diseases and they are difficult to trap and remove. Hire a professional team to take care of this nuisance. Contact Animal Remover today.

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