Safe Squirrel Removal Methods For Your Vehicle

Squirrel Removal for vehicles

When the winter months come, your vehicle requires a little extra care. You have to wake up a little earlier to warm it up. You have to watch your fluids more closely. You have to be on the lookout for ice. However, one thing that people don’t expect to find in their car during the winter is a squirrel. But in reality, squirrels are drawn to cars during the winter because of the warmth coming from your engine. So how can you keep your car squirrel-free in the winter? Animal Remover’s squirrel removal expert weighs in.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Engine

This can seem like a pain, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you live in an area that is surrounded by trees and if you don’t park your car in a garage, it is quite possible that squirrels will wander on over to your engine for warmth. While they may leave once the warmth subsides, if you park in the same spot on a daily basis, they may keep coming back and if they keep coming back, they might be storing nuts or nesting materials under your hood.

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Most people reading a blog about squirrels hiding out in car engines assume that the biggest threat is the squirrel itself but again, they will probably abandon ship once the engine loses its heat. The bigger issue can be what they leave behind and what can start a fire.

Apply Animal Repellent

This isn’t a foolproof squirrel removal method, as it can fade. And it also has its drawbacks, as it can make for a pretty terrible smell once your car heats up. However, if applied correctly and often enough, repellent should keep squirrels at a safe distance. It is also helpful to spray the ground with repellent.

What is important to remember with animal repellent is to not spray inside the engine itself. That could cause some problems. You’ll want to spray the outside of the car, such as the tires and hood, but specifically focusing on the undercarriage, where squirrels have to crawl through to get to the warmth.

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Try Using Moth Balls

If all other squirrel removal techniques fail, you can always resort to mothballs. The smell repels squirrels, and, along with animal repellent, you should have a pretty impenetrable squirrel removal system. You’ll want to put the mothballs under the hood, spreading them out evenly. You will also want to change out these mothballs fairly regularly.

Animal Remover Can Help With Squirrel Removal

If these tips don’t help, you might need some professional squirrel removal help. At animal remover, we specialize in squirrel removal and we can help make sure that your car will remain squirrel-free. Contact us today at (513) 324-9453 or visit our website for more information on squirrel removal today.