Seasonal Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management for the Seasons

Different animals are active during different seasons. You may not have the same issues in winter that you have in summer. Wildlife management can be a year-round task. You can make it easier on yourself by utilizing various wildlife management techniques. Sometimes, you will inevitably have an unwanted animal get into your home. When this happens, contact Animal Remover. We’ll remove the animal humanely and help to make sure it doesn’t happen again. For now, put these wildlife control tips to good use!


Fall is when the weather starts getting colder and animals are starting to ready themselves for winter. In fall, it’s common to have problems with raccoons and squirrels in the attic. They want somewhere warm and safe to stay for the winter, and your attic is the perfect place. Prevent these behaviors by making sure your attic and house exterior is properly sealed. If you’re unsure how best to do this, don’t worry. Animal Remover offers property sealing services and chimney cap installments.


Most animals are tucked away for the winter, so unless you have one sleeping in your attic, you don’t have much to worry about. If your neighborhood or business has a pond, you may have issues with Canada geese invading the area. If they become a problem, make sure to contact a humane animal removal service to take care of them. Also, keep in mind that coyotes are still active during winter. Practice good wildlife management by keeping pet food and trash out of your yard.

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Spring is a popular time for active animals. It’s mating season for many and they are ready to stretch their legs after a long winter. Squirrels and raccoons may choose your attic as a place to have their children. Birds may nest in your chimney. Snakes also are awakening from hibernation, so they’ll be on the move. Canada geese also become more active and protective of their goslings. Make sure your attic is sealed up and do what you can to deter animals from entering your yard.


Summer isn’t too different than spring. The younger animals that were born in spring will start exploring, so you may notice some more activity than usual. Summer is a time for get-togethers and backyard barbecues, so make sure you’re cleaning up the yard afterward. The smell can attract unwanted guests. Wildlife management works best when you’re diligent about not giving animals a good reason to come to your home.

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Contact Animal Remover for Wildlife Management

You may do everything you can to prevent animals from getting into your house, but sometimes they get in anyways. When this happens, contact the wildlife management experts at Animal Remover. We’ll make sure to humanely take care of your nuisance animal issue as well as the methods to prevent the issue from arising again. Contact us today or view our website for more information.