Indian Hill Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoon Removal Services

You just discovered a mother raccoon with three young raccoons eating your pet food.

It’s time to take action before your raccoon problem gets worse.

Don’t try to get rid of raccoons by yourself when you can get the affordable Indian Hill raccoon removal services from Animal Remover.

Your Indian Hill Raccoon Control Company

You have access to a fully licensed team of Hamilton County Ohio wildlife removal experts. Everything we do follows strict state guidelines as well as sanitation practices.

With years of experience, you can call us for reliable solutions to any wild animal challenge. We do more than just remove nuisance animals. We are your complete animal pest control solution, also handling cleanup and repair work.

The Need For Raccoon Control In Indian Hill Ohio

Maybe you aren’t dealing with female raccoons and their kits, but even a single raccoon is a cause for concern.

These are known to knock over trash cans, empty out bird feeders, and often steal pet food. Raccoons are also excellent climbers and can destroy shingles, fascia boards, siding, and walls. These furry bandits are drawn to urban dwellings to find food.

This is bad news for you and your pets. Since raccoons carry canine distemper, raccoon roundworm, rabies and other potentially lethal issues, humans and pets are in danger. These are often found in the raccoon feces. If they feel threatened, they may become aggressive.

The damage can be extensive and raccoon trapping can be dangerous. It’s best to call in our experts to handle the job.


Removing The Critters

Our team focuses our removal methods on live trapping techniques. Lethal traps are only necessary when dealing with more dangerous situations such as a rabid raccoon.

After locating and removing the animals, animal remover will begin cleaning up the raccoon droppings. After removing the feces, we have to clean the area to make sure no residue is left behind as this could cause a health hazard.

Next, we will repair any raccoon damage such as roof, wall, or vent destruction caused by the creatures.

Prevent Raccoons From Invading Again

As part of our repair and prevention services, we’ll make sure there are no remaining entry points for future entry. Then we help with efficient techniques to prevent other animals from showing up.

First of all, you want to eliminate food sources that initially draw in these critters. Garbage cans should be locked or moved inside. If you have a bird feeder, make it inaccessible to other critters. Properly seal any pet food or move it indoors.

Here are a few additional ideas for a natural raccoon repellent: garlic, coffee grounds, essential oils, powdered cayenne pepper, or a motion-activated sprinkler system.

Raccoon Removal Services In Indian Hill OH

Stop worrying about the health hazards and structural damage that comes with raccoons living on your property.

Get your raccoon removal services in Indian Hill OH by scheduling your appointment when you call us today.

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