Lebanon Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoon Removal Services

You hear your garbage cans tipping over beside your house, and you know—you’ve got a raccoon problem.

Raccoons often cause chaos for homes and businesses in suburban areas. They trash your garbage and rip open your trash bags in search of food sources. From pet food to insects to garbage, they eat about anything. They also create small holes to get inside your property.

What can you do against such chaotic, clever critters? For Lebanon raccoon removal services, call Animal Remover today.

Wildlife Control with Animal Remover

Animal remover provides various services related to animal control. We offer both residential and commercial services. Not only can we remove raccoons from your property we can also

Our fully licensed professionals and full-service approach have the solution you need for your nuisance wildlife problem.

Handling Raccoon Control in Lebanon Ohio

Raccoons seem adorable, but they can be dangerous. First, they damage your property by ripping up shingles or pulling back fascia boards. They make small holes bigger to get inside your property.

Once inside, raccoons tend to build nests for young raccoons. A mother raccoon will feel threatened when young kits are approached and pose an injury hazard to your family or pets.

Since raccoons carry diseases such as raccoon roundworm and rabies, handling raccoon trapping yourself is a bad idea. Trust the professionals to get rid of raccoons.


Animal Remover’s Process for Removal and Cleanup

Animal Remover has thorough and effective removal methods, whether dealing with dead raccoons or a raccoon nest. First, we perform a raccoon inspection. This helps us find entry points on your property.

Raccoons leave evidence behind, such as damage to the exterior of the building, raccoon droppings, and scratch marks. They are excellent climbers, going up trees and scaling buildings. Raccoons nest in dry spaces, like attics, a garage, basements, etc.

We try not to use lethal traps when we move on to removal. Our gentle approach uses

  • Live trapping
  • Bait traps
  • Species targeted bait
  • Weighted traps

This helps us catch the animal we want and not another species and also minimizes stress for them.

Once the animal has been removed, we focus on cleanup and prevention. Since raccoon feces poses a health risk, we provide services like insulation replacement, deodorization, and disinfection to clean up your home.

Preventing Pest Animals From Invading Your Property

When the animal has been removed, Animal Remover focuses on prevention, so more raccoons don’t invade. To prevent raccoons from getting back in, we can install vent guards, chimney caps, and close up holes.

Another prevention we use is raccoon repellents. Installing lights that come on or alarms that make loud noises can scare an animal off. But scattering or pouring items like coffee grounds, chili powder, or predator urine can also discourage these pests.

Racoon Removal Services in Lebanon OH

For raccoon control, trust the experts. Call or fill out our online form for raccoon removal services in Lebanon OH. You deserve the peace that knowing your property is safe brings. Don’t hesitate. Reach out today.

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