Bed Bug Services

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Bed Bug Services

At Animal Remover we provide the fastest and most professional bed bug service.  Our highly trained professional bed bug treatment technicians are specially trained and licensed to resolve active bed bug problems and bed bug infestations.  If you select Animal Remover to service your bed bug problems you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered by out bed bug guarantee.

At Animal Remover we provide an unbeatable bed bug warranty.  As long as we are actively performing preventive bedbug treatments and inspections we guarantee that we will kill the bedbugs.  We provide same day and nest day bedbug treatment services.

We offer the following bed bug services

Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

A bed bug is parasitic residential infesting pest.  Beds bugs are nocturnal and have the ability to bite and feed on people.  Bed bugs are reddish brown in color.  Bed bugs do not have wings.

In beds, under the mattress, behind pictures, electrical outlets, in carpet, couches, couch cushions, and crevices of the mattress.

A bed bug can be up to ¼ of an inch long.  They can be as small as the head of a ball point pen or as large as an eraser on a pencil.

Bed bug colors can come in a wide range.  From a translucent color to tannish to darker brown to darker red to black.

Bed bugs are small 6 legged crawling insects that in adult form are about the size of pencil eraser and are reddish brown in color. They do not have wings. of Bed bugs look similar to bat bugs.

Bed bugs cannot jump.  They lack the power in their legs to jump like a flea.  Fleas can jump by storing power is an elastic protein referred to as resilin.  Fleas can store and generate lots of energy which allow them to keep jumping.

A bed bug exterminator is a pest control professional that is licensed to apply chemical to eradicate bedbug populations.

Cost depends on the level of the infestation.  It also varies based on the number of rooms infested.  Articles of furniture can be also be infested.  The type of treatment methods plays a role in the cost as well.

You can vacuum age eggs or use a moist or dry paper towel.  You can also perform a heat treatment to kill bed bug eggs.

you can vacuum age eggs or use a moist or dry paper towel.  You can also perform a heat treatment to kill bed bug eggs.

Bed bug treatment can take up to 90 days.

Move all furniture away from the baseboards and into the middle of the room.  Bag up all clothing in the affective room.  Wash and dry all clothing on the high heat setting of your dryer.  Make sure that cabinet and kitchen goods are organized and picked up.

Bed bugs can be killed with a liquid residual insecticide, heat can kill bed bugs if they are directly exposed to temperatures that are 118 degrees and above for 90 minutes, boiling water will kill bed bugs, insecticide fumigation will kill bed bugs, fire will kill bed bugs, and bedbug freeze treatments will kill bed bugs.

All though it is possible and some homeowners have been able to completely DIY their own bed bug treatment it’s not recommended.  We recommend that you have a licensed and trained professional assess and treat your bedbug situation.

Bed bug treatment cost varies based on the size of the infestation and the locations where bed bugs are present.

We have several offices that provide local bedbug services near you!

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