Skunk Removal: How to Protect Your Furry Friends from Skunks

Skunk removal needed for large skunk in a yard

We all want to keep our precious fur babies away from harm. But when it comes to wildlife that may cross over our property line and invade our homes, how can we make sure our furry friends are protected?

Skunks, in particular, are extremely stinky nuisance animals you don’t want your domesticated animals getting involved with. If a four-legged family member gets sprayed by a skunk, you’ll have to deal with the joys of getting rid of that terrible skunk odor – which we all know isn’t easy. Skunks can also carry rabies and distemper, which is also something we definitely don’t want anywhere near our fur babies.

If you’ve already invested in skunk removal but want to minimize the chances of another skunk coming back and bothering your four-legged family members, here are a few simple tips to keep them off your property and away from your domestic animals.

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  1. Secure all trash cans.

Skunks, like many other nuisance animals, are attracted to trash bins and compost heaps. If you have any trash sitting out on your property, you should always be vigilant in making sure the containers are securely fastened. Getting rid of a readily available food source will help keep skunks off your property and help protect your fur babies from being sprayed.

  1. Do not feed your anyone outside.

If the goal is to avoid needing another professional skunk removal service, it would be wise to also remove all pet food from outdoor areas. If you keep pet food out on your deck or porch, move it inside, or if you must leave it outside, move it to higher ground where it will be out of reach for skunks.

  1. Clear brush and clutter from your yard.

Piles of branches, leaves and other clutter send an open invitation to skunks nearby. Many nuisance animals will use these materials for nesting purposes and frequent your property if they know it’s there. The best rule of thumb to keep skunks away your property and your four-legged family members is to clear away the brush and store stacks of firewood inside a shed or outdoor storage unit. This will help eliminate nuisance wildlife and the need for future skunk removal services.

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If You Find Yourself In Need of Skunk Removal, We’re Here to Help

Even if you follow the above tips, there is no possible way to guarantee that your fur babies and your property will always be safe from skunks and other nuisance animals. Fortunately, Animal Remover is always here to provide professional skunk removal services when needed. We are also happy to provide preventative tips and install products that can help keep nuisance wildlife away from your property.

Simply call 513-324-9453 today to learn more about our skunk removal services or to schedule a home inspection.

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