Squirrel Facts From Your Local Squirrel Removal Company

Squirrel Removal Squirrel on Wall

Squirrels are cute, furry, and gather a lot of nuts ahead of winter. They can also be pests that climb on your roof, find a way into the attic, and make a nest in the insulation. That’s when you need professional squirrel removal services. Even though squirrels may turn into pests, these animals are a vital part of Earth’s ecosystem. That’s why Animal Remover tries to remove animals from your property humanely. Our squirrel removal experts take a look at some amazing squirrel facts.  

Squirrel Species

There are around 200 species of squirrels all over the world on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Gray squirrels are the most common species found in North America and the Cincinnati area. These squirrels have white fur on their bellies, gray fur on their backs and sides, and a bushy tail. Ohio also sees fox squirrels, red squirrels, and flying squirrels. Squirrel removal companies can easily identify these four species by their appearance.

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Squirrel Food

The four front teeth on these rodents never stop growing, which is why they can chew on acorns, nuts, and seeds throughout their lives. When squirrels bury nuts but can’t find them later, a tree starts to grow. This is one way squirrels help the environment by becoming natural tree planters! Squirrels don’t just eat nuts. They might also chew on tree bark, eggs, and even hapless baby birds or insects if food is scarce. A squirrel removal company can identify food sources on your property to try to prevent squirrel invasions. 


Baby squirrels are about one inch long at birth. They open their eyes at four weeks old and are ready to head out on their own after 10 weeks. Mama squirrels usually have four pups in each litter, and they’re entirely dependent on the mother until 10 weeks. If you discover a nest of baby squirrels in your attic, it’s time for humane squirrel removal from Animal Remover.

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As you probably know, squirrels are great climbers and love trees. They also find ways to walk on electrical lines, get into bird feeders, and squeeze into the attic. Squirrels get into attics to create nests for their young or take shelter from cold winters. It’s time for squirrel removal when you see or hear these critters in your attic or see them nestled in the insulation.  

Squirrel Removal from Animal Remover

The squirrel removal experts at Animal Remover can take care of your property’s squirrel problem on a moment’s notice. Squirrels may nest in your building at any time of year, so listen for rustling sounds or the squeaking of babies. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 if squirrels in your home are driving you nuts.


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