Squirrel Removal: Squirrel or Raccoon Trapped in Your Chimney

Brick Chimneys after Squirrel Removal

Chimneys are dry, warm, and safe places for nuisance animals to make their homes. Raccoons and squirrels have no problem getting onto your roof and into your chimney unless you installed a chimney cap. You will likely need a professional Animal Remover to perform a squirrel removal or raccoon removal. Trying to rid your chimney of these animals on your own can take a lot of time and cause more damage.

How to Know if It’s a Raccoon or a Squirrel

The biggest difference between a raccoon and a squirrel, aside from perhaps temperament, is the size. Squirrels are much smaller, so most people assume quiet noises in their chimney are squirrels. Though a good assumption that squirrels make less noise than raccoons, the sound you hear from the chimney has more to do with the acoustics than the animal. Depending on the design of your chimney, you may not be able to decipher whether you have squirrels or raccoons based on sound alone.

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Determine whether you need squirrel removal or raccoon removal by noting the times you hear noises. Squirrels tend to forage and explore and work in the daylight, and they will make a lot of noise in the morning and early afternoon. Raccoons, however, are nocturnal. If you hear more noises after the sun goes down, you know don’t need to call for squirrel removal.

Choose Squirrel Removal Not a Squirrel Roast

Many people think simply lighting a fire will get rid of the problem, but this method rarely works. Most squirrels or raccoons choosing to take residence in chimneys are females who need a place to protect their young. Baby squirrels and raccoons stand no chance of leaving the chimney without their mother’s help. If you start a fire, these animals will die. If the pain this causes them isn’t enough of a deterrent, perhaps the smell of them is. Your fireplace will stink for a long time after. Hiring squirrel removal specialists is a more humane and fresh-scented choice.

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Squirrel Removal and Chimney Caps with Animal Remover

At Animal Remover, we not only offer squirrel removal and raccoon removal but we also prevent these nuisance animals from entering your chimney again by installing chimney caps. Chimney caps keep squirrels and raccoons out of your chimney, so you can enjoy your cozy fireplace without fear of harming any animals. We also do other repairs that reduce the likelihood of animals infiltrating your home. For more information, contact Animal Remover today.