Squirrel Removal: Understanding Squirrel Winter Preparation

Squirrel removal squirrel preparing for winter

Squirrels can look cute, but their nesting habits can cause significant damage to your property and leave you seeking squirrel removal services. To understand why your squirrel removal needs may increase during the cooler months, we have to understand the typical squirrel’s nesting habits. At Animal Remover, our squirrel removal specialists have gathered some basic information on how squirrels prepare for the winter months.

Winter Preparations Begin

A squirrel’s preparation for winter is a long process that actually begins in summer. When the cool crisp of fall hits us, squirrels’ winter prep is usually well underway. As the temperatures cool, squirrels usually get into a more intense state of preparation, sensing that the days of tolerable weather are coming to an end and their hibernation-like-hiatus is drawing near. Preparation for winter is a daunting task for the rowdy rodents.

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Stock Up on Food, Hiding it in Various Places

In the warm summer months, squirrels begin packing away food to keep accessible throughout the winter months. This time of hiding food continued through fall, becoming more intense and frantic. Squirrels hide their food and leave their scent; they are able to find it later using their memory and their keen sense of smell. Once the cold temperatures hit, they will burrow into a warm, hidden place and sleep. They wake up periodically, when it’s warm enough, to go and retrieve the food that they’ve stored.

Eat Extra and Fatten Up

Another way that squirrels prepare for winter is that they start eating extra, fattening themselves up. This not only provides them with an additional layer of insulation, but it also gives them a reserve of food to live off of while it’s cold to go dig up their treasure.

Burrow Away

When winter hits and the cold becomes unbearable, squirrels will retreat to anywhere they can find a warm place to burrow and sleep. This may include holes in the ground or trees, but also can include chimneys, attics, or holes in the structure of your home where the heat from your home permeates their little space. Having a family of squirrels sleep in an unused crevice of your house may seem harmless enough; however, once those squirrels get comfortable in your home, they will quickly become a nuisance and require squirrel removal. Squirrels are incessant chewers, so they will chew on anything from the structure of your house to the electrical wires—which puts your home at risk for an electrical fire.

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Squirrel Removal Services with Animal Remover

You can take care of your own winter preparation by making sure that your house is sealed tightly to prevent unwanted intruders. Call Animal Remover to seal your property; our trained professionals will inspect the premises, reinforcing any vulnerable or weak areas and closing off any possible entries for pests. If you already have squirrels in your house, our excellent squirrel removal specialists will remove the creatures quickly and humanely. Check out the Animal Remover website today for more information.