Squirrels Feasting on Your Garden? Animal Remover Explains How to Keep Them Out of Your Veggies

Squirrel eating a peach in a garden

Squirrels are adorable, clever little creatures–you might enjoy watching them leap from impossible heights and chase each other around your yard. But the fun stops when you notice they’ve infiltrated your garden and consumed your hard-earned harvest!

The tell-tale signs of squirrel damage in your garden include shallow digging spots, potted plants that have been dug up or partially nibbled, or eaten flowers, fruit, or veggies

You don’t want to harm these little guys seriously, but you know it’s time to take a stand and protect your harvest! Here are a few quick tips for keeping squirrels out of your garden.

Keep Your Garden Clean

Squirrels are attracted to fallen nuts, seeds, and fruit. Ensuring these items are routinely picked up and disposed of reduces squirrel and general critter activity in your garden. Just make sure the lid of your trash can is tightly sealed, so they won’t be tempted to rummage through it! 

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Set Up a Separate Squirrel Feeding Space

Rather than throwing away fallen produce, you could consider just relocating it to draw squirrels away from your garden and keep them satisfied without sacrificing your growing plants. Find a spot that’s far enough from your garden beds and place your fallen fruit along with a squirrel feeder containing nuts and seeds out for them to feed. You can also build or install squirrel houses, helping keep the little guys out of your way while also giving them a safe and happy place to nest. 

Utilize Predators

Dogs are naturally excellent squirrel chasers, so if you own one or two, allowing them out when squirrels are lurking is a great way to scare them off. If you don’t own a dog, you can purchase predator urine–such as fox or coyote, to spray around your garden beds. You can also attract natural predators of squirrels such as hawks and owls by providing them with perches or suitable birdbaths. 

Cover Your Beds

Create a barrier by using row covers, chicken wire, or plastic bird netting to keep your beds covered and out of squirrel reach. You could also utilize a greenhouse to protect plants and sprouts from squirrels and other unwanted critters. 

Contact Animal Remover Today

Squirrels are adorable, but if they’re causing unwanted damage to your garden harvest, it’s time to call for help! The experts at Animal Remover can assess your garden and employ the most effective and humane pest control methods to suit your needs. Call us today at 513-324-WILD or contact us online.