Temporary Fixes for Property Damage According to Our Animal Control Expert

Two men repairing a roof for animal control

Animal Control: What Do I Do While Waiting For Property Repairs?

One of the more frustrating consequences of animal infestation is property damage. Not all animal infestations lead to property damage, but depending on what animal you are having problems with, there is a decent chance that you will have to endure some kind of damage, whether it be to your home or your yard. If that is you, it can take time to repair the damage. So what should you do in the meantime? In today’s blog, Animal Remover will take a look at some temporary solutions to property damage caused by animal control while you wait for repairs.

Roof Damage

Roof damage is often the most common type of property damage caused by a lack of animal control. Whether it’s exterior damage caused by birds or interior damage caused by rodents, roof damage is especially challenging because it often takes longer to fix than other types of damage. For a lot of property damage, you can fix it yourself, but that isn’t always the case with roof damage.

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Despite that, roof damage actually has some of the easiest temporary fixes. For exterior damage, your fix can be as easy as buying a tarp. It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but it will do the job while you wait for repairs. For damage caused from the interior, you can also board-up any holes or opening from the inside, which takes more time, but is also more stable than a tarp.

Yard Damage

Compared to roof damage, the long-term fix might be both easier and cheaper, but the temporary fixes are a little bit more difficult to find. If you have had rodents or other small animals tear up your lawn or garden, your long-term fix will depend on what type of damage has occurred and what time of year it occurred. The long-term solution will also include animal control solutions and prevention.

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However, there are some temporary fixes. For structural damage caused by moles or other rodents, the best solution might just be manually working out the divots and holes with your gardening tools and waiting for the grass to grow back. For a damaged garden, the long-term fix will likely have to wait until gardening season comes full circle, but you can work the soil and get it ready for your next plant.

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Property damage is extraordinarily frustrating, especially when it can’t be immediately fixed. When it is caused by a lack of animal control, homeowners must take precautions to prevent another infestation even after your home is repaired. For the best animal control solutions, contact Animal Remover today at (513) 324-9453 or visit our website for more information.