The Dangers of Muskrats for Wildlife Management

Muskrats can require wildlife management

For people who have dealt with animal infestation and wildlife management issues, muskrats aren’t typically the first animals that come to mind. Most of the time, we think of squirrels or raccoons because most people in an urban context deal with those animals. However, if you live near a lake or have a pond in your yard, muskrats can be a real problem for these three reasons:

  • They can cause property damage
  • They carry disease
  • They can be aggressive

In today’s blog post, Animal Remover will look at these three reasons why muskrats can be dangerous and give some wildlife management tips on how to deal with them.

Muskrats Can Cause Property and Landscaping Damage

Muskrats are unique because they live almost exclusively near bodies of water. Because of this, they are usually only a threat to homes with ponds or natural bodies of water nearby. While muskrats may seem harmless, they are also tunneling animals, which means that they can cause serious damage to the landscaping of your pond and yard.

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They can also create embankments and barriers that can cause flooding and as a result, can also cause erosion.

Muskrats Carry Diseases, Including Rabies

While most people don’t associate muskrats with rabies, they are still known to carry the virus. And they don’t have to directly attack a person for a family to be exposed. Muskrats are aggressive, and if an infected muskrat attacks a family pet, it can also contract the disease and pass it on to you.

These animals also carry other diseases. Muskrats have been known to carry tularemia, as well as leptospirosis. Unlike rabies, these diseases can be contracted by drinking contaminated water, making it easier to be infected and making your wildlife management more important.

Muskrats Are Known To Be Aggressive

The aggressiveness of muskrats is especially dangerous when paired with the diseases they carry. While they are typically aggressive towards animals, they are also known to attack humans, and if your children like playing outside, they should be aware of these animals. The best way to deter these animals is to build fencing or contact wildlife management specialists.

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Muskrats aren’t usually associated with attacks, especially toward humans, but it’s important to be aware of them, given their predisposition to carry disease.

Animal Remover Can Be Your Wildlife Management Specialist

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