The Top Reasons Why Rats Are in Your Home

A rat eats a crumb on the floor of a home.

Have you noticed rat droppings, or seen a whiskered creature running around your home? In this blog from Animal Remover, we list the top reasons why rats might be making themselves at home in your home.

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The Top Five Reasons Why Rats Are In Your Home

The following list provides you with the major reasons you might have a rodent problem in your home.

  1. A Rat-Friendly Environment: It is no secret that rats like clutter. If your home is full of boxes, papers and furniture, rats might be attracted to the area. They are always looking for a warm place to raise their young. They are also fond of areas that are full of easily accessible food. If you have a messy kitchen, or are keeping your food out on the counter or in areas that are more easily accessible, rats might be interested.
  2. Rats Need Water: If you leave water bowls outside for four-legged family members, rats might be coming to get a drink. Rats will also attempt to drink water from your pool, so make sure to cover it accordingly.
  3. Bird Feeders: Bird feeders can attract rats, as they are opportunistic eaters. Loose bird seed is a readily available food source for scavenging nuisance animals like rats.
  4. Rat-Sized Gaps: Are there spaces in your home? Do you know of any cracks that need to be filled? A rat can fit into extremely tiny gaps. They are also fantastic chewers, and can work their way through woodwork.
  5. What’s Around: If you have a woodpile near your home, rats could be using it as a home. They are also attracted to deep leaves and shrubs. Diving temperatures can cause rats to seek shelter in warm homes.

It is important to remember that construction, ecosystem changes, and additional factors can cause rats to become much more interested in seeking food, water and shelter in your home. A qualified pest management team can help you to understand exactly why rats are in your home, and how they can be removed.

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