Top Reasons Why Opossums Are Near Your Home

An Opossum stands on a fence.

Have you noticed an opossum issue in or around your home? Are you wondering why they are attracted to your home? In this blog, Animal Remover provides you with a list of the top reasons why opossums are interested in your home.

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The Top Three Reasons Why Opossums Are Interested In Your Home

If you are wondering why opossums are invading your property, check out the information provided in the following list.

  1. Opossum Environment: Opossums often prefer outdoor areas in rural places. They might be interested in attics, as they like high spaces and dark areas. They also like basements, storage sheds, and even garages. There is also the chance that decks and crawl spaces might be a good home for an opossum. If it is a dark place, the nocturnal opossum might be interested in it.
  2. Pet Food And Water: If you leave pet food and water outside, it could attract opossums. They are especially attracted to cat food. If you notice that your animal’s full food bowl is empty in the morning, you may have opossums.
  3. Birdseed: It is not uncommon that opossums search for birdseed. Since they are omnivorous, they are not the pickiest of eaters. They search for food at night, and are more than happy to climb a tree to secure a tasty snack.  

If an opossum is in your home or on your property, you probably want to remove them. Humane removal is good for both your home and the nuisance animal on your property.

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