Top Signs That Point to Bat Activity

A bat flies against a dark background.

Although they are not directly dangerous or vermin-like, bats can be a bit of a nuisance, and their excrement (called guano) can carry the dangerous fungal disease called Histoplasmosis, which can be transferred to humans. If you want to protect your family from this bacteria while removing the bats humanely, keep reading this blog from Animal Remover.

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The Top Three Signs Of Bat Activity

If you see any of the following signs, you may have bats living in or around your home:

  1. Where Are Bats Living?: Bats live in attics, chimneys, woodwork, vents, and can even be found in holes in the siding. Bats can be found in the basement as well. Make sure to check these areas thoroughly.
  2. What’s That Sound?: Are you hearing a shrill or high-pitched chirping sound? If so, you might have bats in your home. Keep an ear out at sunrise and sunset and listen. If you hear these sounds, or see any bats, your home may have multiple bats.  
  3. Where Did That Staining Come From?: If you are seeing droppings, or dark staining around entry points of your home, it is very likely that you have bats in your home.

Remember, bats themselves are not nasty or vicious. They should be removed by an ethically oriented professional. Bats require exclusionary removal tactics.

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