Types of Snakes and Snake Removal in Ohio: What You Need to Know From Animal Remover

Northern water snake in Ohio

If you’re planning on camping or hiking in beautiful Ohio in early Fall, you should learn about our native snakes. While most snakes in Ohio are non-venomous and harmless creatures, they pose a problem when they nest or occupy your yard, basement, or another part of your property. Seeing a snake is alarming, but rest assured there are experts that can provide snake removal services quickly and humanely! 

In today’s blog post, Animal Remover discusses the types of snakes native to Ohio and what to do when you encounter them. 

Non-Venomous Snakes in Ohio

The most common snakes in Ohio are non-venomous and harmless when left alone. According to Ohio History Connection, the four most common non-venomous snakes in Ohio are:

  • The gray rat snake
  • Dekay’s brown snake
  • The Eastern garter snake
  • The northern water snake

You can learn to identify these snakes by looking at their photos. 

Dekay’s brown snake is often mistaken for a venomous copperhead and is distinguishable by black markings under their eyes. 

These snakes are an essential part of our ecosystem, helping control the insect and rodent populations. 

Venomous Snakes in Ohio

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, there are only three species of venomous snake in Ohio: the northern copperhead, the eastern massasauga, and the timber rattlesnake. 

It’s a common myth that one characteristic, such as a triangular-shaped head or vertical pupils, tells you definitively that a snake is venomous. The only way to tell a venomous snake from a non-venomous one is to educate yourself on the different species native to your area. 

Although their bites can be harmful, venomous snakes are also a valuable part of our ecosystem–and when you leave them alone, they are unlikely to bite.  

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Ohio Snake Safety Tips

It’s important to realize that snakes are not “aggressive” creatures; they are defensive–meaning they only strike when they feel threatened. If you stumble upon a venomous or non-venomous snake in the outdoors, back away slowly, and allow the snake to leave the area. 

If you encounter a snake in your home, remain calm and either open a door for the snake to exit your home, or if that’s not an option–see if you can contain the snake by sealing the room it’s in, or placing a bucket over it while you call for help. 

Contact a snake removal expert, like  Animal Remover for help as soon as possible. 

Snake Removal in Cincinnati, Ohio: Contact Animal Remover

If you encounter a snake or snakes in your home or yard, you don’t have to handle it alone! Animal Remover will gladly provide humane removal services such as trapping and consult with you about preventing snake problems in the future. Call us today at 513-324-WILD or contact us online for more information about our wildlife removal services.