What Happens If You See Bats in Your Basement? Our Bat Removal Expert Explains

Brown bat hanging from ceiling

Bats love to live in dark, warm places. When they enter a human home, that typically means an attic, chimney, or inside walls. In today’s blog from our bat removal experts, we explain what to do if you find a bat in your basement.

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First, Don’t Try to Remove the Bat

Don’t try to remove the bat yourself. Bats pose health hazards, such as rabies, and they can become frightened and injured. These animals generally leave humans alone and stay away from them.

Sign of a Bigger Problem

Bats love elevated places to stay. They prefer an attic. If you find a bat in your basement, that probably means it found another way to get in your home and traveled down to the basement at some point. A bat removal expert can locate any openings or vulnerabilities that might have let the bat into your basement and your home in general.

For example, perhaps one of your walls runs the entire height of your home from attic to basement. It’s possible that a bat got into your attic and found this wall cavity, then traveled down to the basement. 

Bat Removal Then Exclusion

Animal Remover’s bat removal experts can take care of the bat in your basement. But that only fixes the problem temporarily. You need to exclude bats from your property permanently. We can also make home repairs to ensure they never get in again.

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Talk to a Bat Removal Expert 

Contact a bat removal expert as soon as you see a bat in your basement. They sleep during the day and are active at night. They’ll also find a dark, quiet corner to rest. You should never try to handle a bat with your own hands or remove a bat on your own.

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