What to Do When You Need Animal Removal on Your Roof

Animal Removal Squirrel on the Roof

You’re in your attic, and you hear a rustling noise above your head. Then you go outside and see a raccoon scuttling around or a flock of birds preening their feathers on the roof. You’ve decided enough is enough. You want your roof cleared of all invaders. Animal Remover discusses what to do when you need animal removal on your roof.

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Look for Damage

If you discover critters hanging out on your roof a lot, that means there’s something about your home that’s appealing. Squirrels may see your roof as a way to gather nuts in your guttering or seek shelter in your attic. Raccoons might also be looking for a nest to raise babies. Birds may roost to build nests. Any of these animals might cause damage to the roof, which is why you need animal removal. Look for holes in the ceiling by searching your attic during the day to see if you notice any sunlight poking through. Look at the roof’s lowest point, where it meets the floor of the attic — if there’s sunlight coming through, that’s a possible entry point for an animal. 

Identify the Animal

Identifying the animal you have on the roof will determine the type of animal removal you need. Birds require different remedies than squirrels or raccoons. How many animals you have on the roof is also a factor in what a professional animal removal company does to solve the problem. 

Take Preventive Measures

An animal removal service like Animal Remover can advise you on preventive measures to keep animals off of your roof. For squirrels and raccoons, consider cutting back any trees or tree branches that get near the ceiling. Improve your guttering with screens on top of gutters that keep debris, nuts, and leaves out of them. Keep birds from nesting with bird spikes on strategic points along the roof.

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Contact an Animal Removal Service Like Animal Remover

A professional animal removal service like Animal Remover can identify the animal on your roof, assess what to do, humanely trap any critter, and then repair any damage. Our experts will also help you prevent animals from invading your home. Contact Animal Remover or call (513) 324-9453 to see what we can do for you.

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