When to Call a Wildlife Control Company Versus an Animal Shelter

Back of a white wildlife control service truck

Wild animal situations at your home or business can be stressful, hectic and unfamiliar. Oftentimes, individuals involved will attempt to handle the situation themselves, which unfortunately, often leads to property damage and/or physical injury to those involved.

Here at Animal Remover, we always suggest contacting a professional animal removal service in any wildlife control situation. Doing so will help protect all those involved as well as your property value. It will also reduce stress for you, as our trained technicians are happy to handle anything and everything for you.

As a home or business owner, you can either call the animal shelter or your local wildlife control service. Each entity is prepared to handle certain types of animal situations. If you’re unsure which one you should call, refer to the tips below.

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Call an animal shelter if …

  • There is a stray and/or owned domesticated animal running loose in your neighborhood.
  • You have a complaint about a barking canine.
  • You have a complaint about a leash law violation.
  • You have questions about a lost furry friend.
  • You have questions about adopting a four-legged family member.

As you can see, your local animal shelter will handle just about anything pertaining to domestic animals. An animal shelter will not be able to provide any wildlife control services to handle wild animal removal situations.

Call a wildlife control company if …

  • You found a wild animal (bat, squirrel, raccoon, skunk, snake, etc.) in your home.
  • You found a wild animal (bat, squirrel, raccoon, skunk, snake, etc.) in your business.
  • You need animal damage repair services.
  • You need products to keep animals out of your chimney.
  • You need products to keep birds off of your building or property.
  • You have reason to believe a wild animal is living in your walls, attic or elsewhere on your property.

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A wildlife control company like Animal Remover will be able to handle any and all situations involving wild animals. Our team of professional technicians are licensed and trained to handle wild animal situations and will do so with care and respect for living beings, as well as your property.

If you are having a domestic animal problem, please call your local animal shelter. Otherwise, Animal Remover is happy to help you manage any wildlife situation, whether it’s taking place at your home or business. Contact Animal Remover today at 513-324-9453 for more information about our wildlife control services or to schedule an appointment.