Why Early Squirrel Removal Will Save Your Wallet

Squirrel removal savings shocks gray squirrel.

As many homeowners have learned too late, ignoring squirrels in your home can cause serious financial ramifications. Squirrels, as part of the rodent family, have large front teeth that constantly grow. As such, they constantly gnaw in order to wear down their teeth. Though they look like harmless little creatures, they can do serious property damage to your home. Today Animal Removal will discuss squirrel removal and the potential fallout and costs of ignoring squirrels in your house. Keep reading to learn more!

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Property Damage from Squirrels

Squirrels can chew through nearly any building material. Though they are not large animals they are persistent and have been known to chew through wooden beams, drywall, and even cinder blocks. Homeowners who have delayed calling a squirrel removal service have quickly learned the potential costs of repairing holes in their home. They can even chew through ducts and pipes if they want to access your attic. Repairing these holes in your home can be extremely costly. Even a small hole in your drywall can cost upwards of $200 depending on the location and size of the hole. Replacing ruined pipes and heating ducts can be even more costly. By not opting for early squirrel removal from a professional you are opening yourself up to potential repair costs that could have been avoided by being proactive. The damage caused by squirrels is not only cosmetic. Many squirrels in attics have been known to chew through electrical wiring causing major electrical damage and even house fires. While homeowners insurance will cover some damage, long-term infestations are usually excluded from homeowners coverage. While each insurance policy is different it is generally best to quickly take care of any squirrels by contacting professional squirrel removal service early.

Potential Health Concerns

The damage that these rodents can cause does not stop at your property. Squirrels carry many parasites and are vectors for the diseases that fleas and ticks can transmit to humans. In addition, squirrels that have made a home out of your attic will leave their waste in your home, which can pose major health risks, such as histoplasmosis and salmonella. With rising healthcare costs, squirrel infestation can be a major financial burden if you or your loved ones are forced to receive expensive medical care as a result of not calling a professional squirrel removal service.

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Contact Animal Remover Today For Squirrel Removal

The only proven method of squirrel removal is through trapping, habitat modification, and exclusion. If you are in need of a professional wildlife control service, Animal Remover can be the solution to your problem. We have experienced professionals, well-versed in pest removal. We have efficient, humane methods for squirrel removal and deterrents. Contact Animal Remover today to schedule a consultation.