Why Humane Bat Removal Is Important for the Environment

Always Utilize Humane Bat Removal

Even if you hate bats, you probably hate mosquitos much more. According to the Bat Conservation International website, bats can eat over 1,000 insects an hour when feeding. Many of these insects are mosquitos! Bats contribute much more to the ecosystem than keeping you from getting more itchy bumps. That’s why humane bat removal is so incredibly important. We need to keep the bat population from declining more than it already has. Call Animal Remover for your bat removal needs and read more below about why bats are so important.

Controlling the Insect Population

As we’ve mentioned earlier, bats are voracious feeders. They typically eat their body weight in insects each night. This equates to thousands of mosquitos and other annoyances. Perhaps more importantly, they also enjoy eating some common pest insects that cause issues with crops. This pest management allows for better crops and less use of pesticides. Bats not only help the animal ecosystem, they help ours as well. So if you hate having a ton of bugs flying around in the night sky, consider humane bat removal.

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Bats Are Important Pollinators

A less commonly known fact about bats is that they pollinate a large variety of flowering plants. Without bats, these plants would be unable to bear fruit and spread seeds. Bananas and chocolate are just a few flowering plants that depend on the contributions of nectar-eating bats. If you enjoy these kinds of foods, you should consider humane bat removal!

Bats Spread Seeds

Bats also happen to be great farmers! When bats fly at night, they usually travel a decent distance. As all animals do, they’ll need to defecate eventually. Bats will usually have seeds in their guano which will land and have the potential to grow into a plant. This is especially useful in areas that have been deforested. In fact, bats are the main reason that deforested areas are able to slowly regenerate.

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Contact Animal Remover for Humane Bat Removal

As you can see, bats benefit the environment in multiple ways. Hopefully, you’ve been convinced that humane bat removal is the way to go. Luckily, Animal Remover specializes in humane bat removal, so contact us to take care of your bat issues. We’ll relocate the bats to a safe location where they can thrive. We also perform the necessary preventative measures to stop bats from finding their way back into your house. Contact us today for your humane animal removal needs.

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