Why Pigeon Removal Is Important for Cities and Towns

Pigeon Removal Flock of Pigeons

Pigeons are distinctly urban birds. These birds roost wherever they can, often on a flat ledge such as a roof or window sill. Then they have babies and leave droppings behind. Pigeons can become a nuisance at your home or business very quickly, and pigeon removal is an effective means of solving the problem. Animal Remover discusses why pigeon removal is important for cities and towns facing an overpopulation of these nuisance birds

Prevents Diseases

Bird droppings may carry up to 60 diseases. Humans track bird droppings into buildings after stepping on bird poop that landed on a sidewalk. Once inside and on floors, bacteria, parasites, and fungi can get into air conditioning ducts and spread throughout a building. One or two people with bird droppings on their shoes isn’t a big deal. However, if dozens of customers or employees bring pigeon manure inside, that’s a problem. Pigeon removal can prevent diseases that affect humans.

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Lessens Property Damage

Pigeon droppings gather on benches, sidewalks, railings, steps, and window ledges. These birds can also eat a lot of plant life in the area. Droppings and pecking away at food may kill decorative plants or grass on your lawn. Pigeon removal saves money on repairing property damage and time spent on maintenance. You won’t have to spray your sidewalk with water to clean away droppings, nor will you need to remove any dead animals. You also won’t have to re-plant any damaged grass or shrubs.

Averts Injuries

Pigeon droppings can become slick, especially if they are fresh. Adding rain to pigeon droppings just makes the situation worse. People can slip and fall on pigeon manure both inside and outside. If someone disturbs a pigeon during nesting season, a protective mother might attack an unwitting victim. Avoiding injuries on your property can lower your business liability insurance costs or protect your family at home. Consider the costs of a doctor’s visit and care for an injury versus pigeon removal when you ponder whether or not to call Animal Remover.

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Saves Lives

Bird strikes occur at airports every year. Pigeons cause damage to airplanes when they hit at high speed, and they could cause death if a plane crashes. Another problem caused by pigeons includes mechanical failures. Pigeon manure contains uric acid, which can corrode metal supports and electrical wires. These failures could also lead to a loss of human life. Pigeon removal helps keep your facility clean and safe, and it could also prevent a catastrophe at the airport.

Pigeon Removal at Animal Remover

Animal Remover specializes in humane pigeon removal and relocation. Contact us or call (513) 324-9453 to see how we can make your property better through our expert animal control methods.

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