Why Raccoon Removal Is Vital During the Summer

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Summer in America is great for swimming, float trips, family vacations, backyard barbecues, and lots of wild animal activity. You might see more and more raccoons at this time of year than others. Animal Remover explains several reasons why raccoon removal becomes vital during this time. 

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Babies Grow Up

By June and into July, raccoons that were born in the spring are fully weaned and independent. Mothers will help their babies find new feeding and nesting grounds, which may include your attic or crawl space. If a family of raccoons had a nest in your home, the babies might come back to it when they’re adults. Raccoon removal and prevention is important in the summer because you don’t want an infestation on your hands, especially if raccoons are learning how to hunt for food and look for nests.

They Eat More Food In Late Summer

Raccoons eat insects, aquatic animals, mice, birds, turtles, and small mammals. These omnivores tend to eat more plant matter as the weather turns cooler, including grains, seeds, and wild fruit. Racoon prevention and removal becomes vital in late summer because these creatures will begin searching through garbage to find extra food. As fall time approaches, these mammals need to bulk up layers of fat in time for winter hibernation. Prevention is the best course of action. Cover your garbage can with an anti-raccoon lid to prevent the need for raccoon removal later.

It’s Warmer

Raccoons hibernate in the winter. When it’s summer, they’re much more active as they hunt for food while avoiding the pitfalls of predators, cars, and the suburban landscape. 

Males may travel up to 20 miles away from where they were born to find a new nesting site, so you might see raccoons traversing roads. You’ll find raccoons living in hollowed-out trees, rock crevices, or burrows during the day. These nocturnal mammals are active at night as they search for food. They have an excellent sense of touch and night vision, and they are very intelligent and dextrous. They’re curious creatures, so the smell of garbage will draw them to your yard or driveway. That’s when you may need raccoon removal.

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Raccoon Removal by Animal Remover

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