Why Rat Removal Is Not for Amateurs

A rat eats a crumb on the floor of a home.

A rat infestation is an unsettling experience. Not only do rats dirty your home and contaminate your food, but they also carry diseases that are potentially harmful to you and your family. When you first notice a rat in your home, you may be tempted to buy traps and attempt to deal with the situation yourself. Unfortunately, rat removal is not a DIY job. Here are just a few reasons why you should consult with a professional rat removal service.

Rats Carry Disease

Rats carry a variety of diseases that can be harmful to humans. These diseases can be contracted through direct or indirect contact with rats. For example, a disease like Rat-Bite Fever is transmitted through rat bites and scratches, while a disease like Salmonellosis is caused by eating food contaminated by rats. Some diseases are only temporary, while others lead to long-term problems. Leptospirosis, for example, can be transmitted by coming into contact with water infected by rats and can lead to long-term liver and kidney damage.  

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When you attempt to deal with a rat infestation yourself, you increase your chances of contracting one of these dangerous diseases. Rat removal may involve handling rat urine and feces, along with the rats themselves, whether they are dead or alive. By working with a professional, you lower your chances of catching a disease.

Rat Removal Can Be Time-Consuming

When you notice rats in your home, the problem needs to be addressed immediately. Rats breed quickly, so small issues can quickly develop into full-blown infestations. If you are handling the issue yourself, rat removal will take a lot of time. You may not get a grip on the situation before it gets out of hand. A professional animal removal service will deal with the situation quickly and effectively so you can get back to your normal, daily routine.

You May Need Restoration

From damaging floorboards to gnawing wires, rats can wreak havoc on a home. After you have removed the rats, you may need to restore some areas of your home that have been affected. Typically, a professional rat removal service will work with you to assess your home’s damage and come up with solutions. They will also work with you to prevent future infestations. Unlike DIY rat removal, working with a professional leads to long-term results.

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